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We Also Carry:

Beef, Italian, Polish & Breakfast Sausage

Beef & Pork Roast | Fresh Pork & Beef Ribs

Homemade Chicken Sausage (Feta, Wing, Broccoli, Italian & Jalapeno)

Pork Chops & Steaks

Hot Dogs (Beef & Pork Sahlens)

Pig Ears & Tails

Slab Bacon (Also Beef & Turkey Bacon)

Stew Beef Pepper Steak Sandwich & Steak

Turkey Wings & Legs

Milk | ORANGE JUICE | Eggs | Butter | FRESH SCHWEBELS ROLLS & BREAD | Little Debbie Treats | BBQ SAUCE | Hot Sauce | SUB OIL | A Full Line of Spices

...and don't forget about our fresh Costanzo rolls!

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